GOALS | A Few For August


I've been going through a bit of a rough period for a couple/few months, so my goals really suffered, and thus I didn't make any for July. I feel like I'm pulling out of it though, so I'm going to list a few things for August.

I hate summer and heat and I let it get in the way of my running. I'm trying really hard to get back into it regularly and make it part of my routine. My only goal is to hit 20 miles this month. I don't care about pace or anything else. Just 20 miles.

I have two projects I need to complete by August 25th, so I'm going to work hard to get those done. I need to finish my niece's crocheted kitty, and my dad's crocheted hat. The former is close to done, and the latter shouldn't take very long at all.

It's not much, but there it is!

NATURAL CARE | Make Your Own Toothpaste



I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday and I got a few questions and recipe requests so I decided to post it here so I could explain a few things and post some links. You'll find the recipe about halfway down.

I started looking at "remineralization" after a dentist appointment last October, where the dentist told me I needed more than $5K of work on my teeth, which obviously I can't afford and I feel is a little excessive. This is the third dentist to tell me it is due to acid erosion from severe acid reflux. Supposedly it has nothing to do with the foods I eat. So I did a ton of research and settled on a recipe to try. I've been using it for right at six months and while I cannot tell you what the dentist thinks, because I haven't been back, I will tell you the differences that I have noted.

Every time I brushed I used to spit mouthfuls of blood (gross!) and my teeth would be really sore after brushing, to the extent that I couldn't eat without pain for 30 minutes to an hour (maybe even more). Now, there is hardly any blood, and my teeth never feel sore.

I used to have a problem with this, but now my gums look completely normal.

I think some of my teeth have advanced issues, but on the teeth where the erosion was not as severe, it has actually started fading and filling in a bit.

I used to have issues with hot/cold, but I no longer have these issues.

My teeth are significantly whiter and more even in color.

This is the recipe I use, with links to my specific products, which is the same as this one, excluding a few ingredients (which I may end up adding later on):

- 1/2 cup Filtered Water
- 1/4 cup Bentonite Clay
- 2 tablespoons Calcium/Magnesium Powder
- 3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
- 1/4 teaspoon Unprocessed Salt
- 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
- Organic Stevia to taste
- Flavoring to taste (here is what I use)

Let me say a few things about these. Wellness Mama also has a ton of great information here and does have her own recipe.

You will probably need to get bottled water to ensure it's not full of chemicals, like fluoride, which is one of the things you really want to avoid. I went with Arrowhead because it's 100% spring water and has nothing at all added.

You must ensure you get food grade. The one I linked does not say food grade in the descriptions, but I saw several other people saying that it was and that it is on the packaging, and it is. I intentionally chose something local, and Wyoming was the closest I could get! No complaints so far! I may actually try this on my face, as I have read it's great for your skin.

Be sure not to get the citrate form. Just Calcium Powder, or Calcium Magnesium Powder.

Any unprocessed salt will work, but Pink Himalayan Sea Salt contains more nutrients and minerals, which is why I went with this.

I needed something completely safe for Marion and I wasn't comfortable with any of the essential oil flavorings, so I went with an organic vanilla extract. If you do this, just make sure you go with organic.

There is a wealth of information on homemade toothpaste. I spent a lot of time on it because I was worried about destroying my teeth and making the situation worse, and I was concerned too about Marion using it. A few of these are household items for me, but I spent about $30 to get the ingredients, but it's lasted for six months so far and I've barely put a dent in what I have!

I hope this was helpful! Do some research of your own, and let me know if you end up trying this, or if you have any questions!

THREADS | Range Day



A couple of weekends ago Josh and I decided to make a range trip and take turns looking after and entertaining Marion. The range is in the Pawnee National Grasslands, so it's easy to get away from the shooting, and the sound doesn't travel far. I intended to do some photography, let Mario have fun in a field, and just relax. She ended up sleeping the whole time. It was also very windy.

IMG_8476 IMG_8506

Top Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co from Target in XXL | no longer available
Under Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co from Target in XL | here
Jeans: maurices in 15/16 Regular | no longer available, similar here
Boots: Ahnu Sugarpine from R.E.I. | here

I've featured two of these pieces before, because they're awesome.

I've had these jeans for a very long time. Probably seven years or more. There was a time (before I was pregnant) that they were too small, but now they are too big. I have to be careful about bending down if I'm in these, because they will fall down! Which is why I probably won't wear them long.

I adore this tee. I got it on clearance at Target (I also got a black one) and it is so comfortable. It's light and airy, but the fabric is pretty quality. They're still on clearance and still have some available online.

I really like this outfit, but not as much when I see it in pictures. I feel like it looks fine in the mirror, but here it looks a bit frumpy. Perhaps a case of the camera adds ten pounds? Who knows. At least it's comfortable.

Lastly, I have been able to get my hair into a bun lately and I'm so excited about it. I think it looks a little silly, but I don't care. This is how I love to wear my hair and I'm there again! So expect to see lots of buns on me!

Sandey Sunday 39


UntitlediPhone 6 | A Color Story 

Sometimes she lays down in the really big bushes and I can't even find her. And she's too lazy to come out 98% of the time. Unless she hears a food wrapper or a container open. Then she'll come running.

PORTRAITS | Marion's 15 Month


I was intending to post her nine and 12 month photos first, but I felt like posting her more recent 15 month photos. I had a great time with these, and I was a little more familiar with the camera, so I feel like they came out better (except some of the last ones due to being in direct sunlight). All of these posted have been edited, but I did so lightly.

IMG_0878_Color IMG_0881_Color IMG_0884_Color

At first she thought it was just hilarious that I sat her in the grass. She sometimes gets weird when I do that and won't move. She'll giggle and then get upset cause she wants me to pick her up. She did really good this day though and was cheerful till the end.



These two didn't turn out great, but I loved the photos so much that I just did what I could to clean them up and add a little clarity. These were still not edited too heavily, but much more than the others. I find that black and white is usually a good option in these situations, but I also liked the color and couldn't quite decide which version I liked best.




I know I'm biased, but is she not the cutest thing ever? Look at that toothy smile! I believe this was the first time I put her down and let her walk outside (she had only been walking for about a week), and as you can tell, she was absolutely thrilled. At this point she was still really cautious with her steps and hardly had any falls (a little more than a month later she has some bruised up knees!).


IMG_0932_BW IMG_0935_BW IMG_0935_Color

Those two look so good in color and black and white... So I posted them both!


She was getting restless at this point. Here you can also see how she feels about grass (and flowers). There was no giggling at either this time, just pure disgust if she touched them. She's completely fine with leaves, is pretty okay with grass now after about a minute, but flowers still weird her out for some reason. I find it hilarious.

IMG_0961_BW IMG_0963_Color IMG_0943_Color IMG_0938_BW

I am so in love with these pictures. I caught a lot of different faces this time (not all are pictured here), and I'm thankful I've kept up a good schedule of getting good photos every three months. I may change this after she turns two, but I really love doing them. I take photos all the time, but I love the ones I've taken with my actual camera, not mobile phone. Now I just need to manage to actually have some printed and actually get some photos on the wall!

For this post, I've linked up with Through My LensPhoto Friday, and Image-in-ing.

MUSIC MONDAY | The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


I'll just drop this here, because it's such a great song and it's been in my head all week. Which means I need to watch 500 Days of Summer soon, because it's my favourite movie and it's been too long since I've seen it. Here's to a happy Monday!